Should We Get Carpets?

Potty training a puppy is a lot of hardwork. That is what we learned from the past 2 weeks since we’ve had Charlie, our new pet. He is only 2 months old and still can’t control his bladder so he just pees everywhere and still doesn’t┬áhave a routine. Most often, we fail to bring him outside and our floor is already wet. Thankfully, our floor is made of tiles so it is not difficult to clean up.

But someday, when Charlie is fully trained, I would like to have carpets installed around certain parts of the house. It would definitely make the rooms even more comfortable and cozy. We don’t have to wear slippers constantly. But because of our weather here in the country, it would be difficult to find the best carpet suitable for our climate. I just checked Albany Flooring Showroom, and liked the soft but durable carpet that they are selling. They are even offering 50% off on this item.

Though one of the major issues I have with having carpets is carpet cleaning. Since my hubby and daughter both are asthmatic. I think carpet cleaning should be given enough attention and I am afraid of spills too. Since I have a very physically active little, I wonder how we can ensure that the carpet will stay clean from spills?

Anyway, we won’t be installing carpets anytime soon, but someday, when the kids are older, I would want to experience having carpets at home.


  1. Oh Chris, one reason we can’t get a pet is we’ve got carpets because the children need it to play on the floor (it gets really cold during October-February)! this has not stopped my youngest for praying for a bird, a fish, a cat, etc…. one time, her brother even said “Why don’t you pray for a zoo?”

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