Can you Keep Your Floors Pristine in a Busy Home?

Footfall can erode your carpets, scuff your laminate, mark your parquet, dull your tiles and take the sheen from your lino. Not to mention dirt, grease, sludge, dust and lint collecting variously and gradually all over every floor covering you have. Whether it’s you tramping and out between bouts of gardening, the kids coming in from a mud-pie-making session or a game of football one rainy afternoon, or the cat or dog leaving their dainty but no-less-mucky prints all over, it’s hard to look after your floor surfaces in a busy family home. However, help is at hand from Vax and you can look forward to keeping your floors as close to pristine as the day they were laid.


 When you think that the Victorians used to drag their massive Aubusson carpets outside twice a year, hang them from a line and beat them until a cloud of dust fit to block out the sun rose from them, it makes you wonder why hard floors didn’t catch on as an actual style a lot earlier – 120 years earlier, say. However, carpets have made a comeback as a style statement after having been banished to the interiors wilderness for a time in the 1980s and ’90s. What’s more, they make a room as cosy as can be in the winter. Whether they’re made up of a heavy, thick pile or a more textured and tufted variety, you can do little better than invest in a Vax steam floor cleaner which works with a combination of detergent and steam to not only eliminate staining, but also bacteria. This way you can keep your rugs and carpets in the best condition without having to resort to prissily insisting guests remove their shoes before entering.

Laminate floors

 The most popular choice in this day and age, the laminate floor, is inexpensive and simple to lay and is utterly practical for those who have a busy household with a heavy footfall. However, it can look scuffed, tired and warped pretty easily – unless it’s properly cleaned and maintained, that is.

In between steam cleans, your best bet is to use a dry dust-style mop and use it in the direction the floor was laid in order to root out anything that has snagged in the grooves and joins. Avoid using traditional stiff brooms or brushes which will scratch and damage the surface, making it unsightly. Vinegar and water solutions work well for deep cleaning with a soft, damp cloth and as for scuff marks – which will no doubt be a recurring thing in your busy home – a mere pencil rubber works like a dream.


The advice for laminate applies here too, but a little extra care is also required, as this is a more highly polished and delicate surface. You need to use a Swiffer mop for clearing it and only detergent specially made for parquet will do the job without ruining it. Also, try to use as little water as possible and do the mopping in a figure eight style. If you wish to hoover your parquet for swiftness and convenience, then make sure you sure you use the soft brush attachment to avoid any scratching.


  1. Our house floor is tiles. I think carpets are high maintenance and we have a dog moreover others are expensive. haha

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