God is Ready Even When We are Not

I have shared with you a few weeks ago that we finally got a pet, a toy poodle puppy, whom we named Charlie. He is now 3 months old.

We have been charmed with his cuteness but we all know that acquiring a puppy entails hard work. Aside from potty training him, we have to make sure he behaves appropriately. We also need to make sure he is healthy. Sadly, Charlie has been infested by ear mites since we had him checked when we first got him.


My kids and I had a discussion. Knowing that treatment entails expenses we have not factored in when we were still planning, I asked my kids, what should we do? Should we return Charlie and get another puppy? My daughter’s reply was close to these words” God knew we were going to get Charlie and He knows Charlie has ear mites problem. He knows what we would need to help Charlie to get welll and He will provide. Even if we are not ready. Even if Charlie is not perfect, we still love him.”

I was reminded of God’s perfect plans for us, even when we are not ready for the situation we are facing, God is. This is just one of the many lessons I’ve learned so far through Charlie’s arrival in our lives.


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