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Being a homeschooling family now, I do hope and pray that after high school, my children will be able to pursue their dreams by attending a college or university of their choice. We still have 8 years to go before my eldest attends college.

With all honesty, handling finances has never been my strength. I usually overspend and seldom save for the future. But with the kids growing up, I need to seriously save up if I want to be able to send them to the college of their choice. I recently saw the tuition fees of certain universities and I know that unless we start saving and investing wisely now, we won’t have enough money to send our kids to good schools in the near future. Every year, the tuition fee increases along with the inflation rate and savings account in banks is not the wisest of all investment options.

I know there are several parents out there who are having the same dilemma as I am so I would like to share with you some possible investment opportunities from a company which has 102 years of experience in financial protection, savings and investments. Insular Life remains to be the largest Filipino life insurance company in the country. Recognizing the qualities each Filipino family has, they are offering 2 educational plans which we can choose from to secure our child’s future.

One of the 2 educational plans that they are offering is College Provider Plan which is a 5 years to pay educational plan that provides a college cash fund. Below are its features and benefits:

>  You will receive the College Fund in lump sum cash on the policy anniversary after your child’s 17th birthday.

>  Only 5 Easy Years to Pay! Grow your child’s College Fund in just five (5) short years.

>  Waiver of Premium Payments! In case of Payor’s untimely death or total and permanent disability within the 5-year paying period, all unpaid premiums will be waived and the policy will be considered fully-paid.

>  Yearly Pre-College Cash Allowance! Should the Payor meet an untimely death or suffer total and permanent disability, your child will receive a pre-college cash allowance on a yearly basis or 10% of the College Fund to finance his elementary and high school education.

>  Built-In Life Insurance Protection for your Child! Your child is automatically insured up to the age of 21.

>  Extra Cash for Financial Emergencies! You may avail of extra cash through a policy loan in case of financial emergencies anytime after the two years of premium payment.

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Another product that can also help us be prepared for our child’s future is Sure Cash For Kids which is a 5 years to pay, 15-year savings and investment plan for your child. Below are its features and benefits:

>  Yearly Guaranteed Cash Payouts from the 5th up to the 14th year! You will get 10% of your maturity value at the end of the 5th year up to the end of the 14th year, giving you as much as P50,000* per year for 10 years. That’s P500,000* in total guaranteed cash payouts!

>  Get as much as P500,000* Guaranteed Cash at the end of the 15th year! That’s an additional P500,000* guaranteed cash payout or 100% of your maturity value that you can use for anything you want!

>  Only 5 Years to Pay! Unlike other investment facilities that require lump sum payment, SURE CASH for KIDS has affordable premiums available in monthly, quarterly, semi-annual and annual modes of payment.

>  Waiver of Premium Payment! In case of Payor’s total and permanent disability within the 5-year paying period, all unpaid premiums are waived and the policy is considered FULLY PAID.

>  Built-In Life Insurance Protection. Life insurance protection coverage equivalent to 100% of maturity value starting from the 1st up to the 3rd year and DOUBLES starting from the 4th up to the 15th year. That’s as much as P1 Million* or 200% of the maturity value for your beneficiaries!

>  Extra Cash for Financial Emergencies! After 2 years of payment, your policy earns values every year! That’s cash which you can borrow against our policy in case of financial emergencies.

*For Plan 500

Both plans don’t require any medical examinations!

So if you are interested to find out which educational plan will best fit your family, contact Insular Direct at (02) 878-1818 locals 5403 or 5407 or (02) 892-3171 or email or visit



  1. I am kinda wary about educational plans like this because I also had one but I wasn’t able to use it coz it got bankrupt. 🙁 I guess it’s really important to look for a trustworthy company 🙂

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