Know Your Child’s Personality Type

In a family, there will always be conflicts. We all have different personality types and each of us approaches life differently than the other. The same is also true if you have children at home. Each is born with a different temperament. As the parent, it would help you understand them if you can be aware of the personality types of your children.

Using Walk Thru The Bible Ministries’ Solving the People Puzzle personlity survey, I learned that there are basically 4 personality types.

D for Dominance. They like to intiate change. They are goal oriented but they can be insensitive to others. They are motivated by results.

I for Influencer. They create enthusiasm. They are outgoing, people motivated and involved. They are motivated by recognition.

S for Steadiness. They like to build relationships. They have good people skills or good team players. They are motivated by relationships.

C for Conscientiousness. They like pursuing excellence. They are quality oriented, accurate and precise in their work. They are motivated by being right.

In our own family, we all have to deal with our different personality types. My hubby is a D while I am a C then my daughter is a S and my son is I. You can just imagine how often we have to handle conflict because of our different personalities.


It is good to know what motivates your children and what are their weaknesses. This way, we can be more intentional in helping them face  and deal with their weaknesses. Knowing how they are motivated can help them face changes and opportunities in life.

Knowing our children’s personality type is one of the keys to having a smooth relationship. It allows you to understand and have a broad mind in dealing with them individually.



  1. It’s good to know the different types of personalities. I think I am an Influencer. I still don’t know what type f personality my daughter has because he is still young.

    Thanks or sharing


  2. At this point, my son is an S. He loves to mix and mingle with his peers, and even with people older than him. 🙂

  3. Hi Chris! Nice post to share. I don’t have a child yet since I’m single so I applied it to myselft and I think I’m a C 😀

    PS. Thanks a bunch for dropping by on my blog 🙂

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