Top Common Ways Single Parents Build Debt

It can be very easy to build up debt, whoever you are. There are different patterns of debt building though, depending on who you are. Single parents tend to build up debt for a selection of reasons. These are just a few of the reasons that they may be more vulnerable to debt than perhaps parents who are in a relationship.

Lower income

As a single parent, there is only the potential for one person in the family to be working. This means that there is one or no income coming in and this can make things very difficult for the family. It can be tempting to borrow money such as payday loans online to manage and in the end this can end up building up to a large debt.

No time for budgeting

Looking after a family on your own is hard work. You have to look after the house, the children and find a way of earning money and this leaves little time for anything else. Trying to budget while in a supermarket, for example, when you have children with you can be really hard. Finding time to see whether you can use a cheaper supplier for your utilities also takes time. Finding out what your bank balance is and trying to see where you are overspending also all takes time, which may not be readily available.


In order to relax these days, many people play online casinos. They may play bingo, poker or other games. These can be a lot of fun and there is nothing wrong with them. However, it is important to make sure that you are not spending too much money or more than you can afford. It can be very easy to get in to debt, thinking that you are due a win and so spending too much money. Someone desperate for money, like a single parent, may be more inclined to take a risk but it may not pay off.


Depression affects more people than we may realise. There are many different forms and it can lead to financial problems. This could be because of a lack of understanding of financial matters at times of vulnerability or just a lack of financial control. It is not just single parents that get depressed, but the pressure of having to look after the whole family and perhaps the emotional time of the separation, can lead to problems like this.


  1. My Mum is a single parent, and she raised the three of us on her own. I’m proud and glad that my Mum is one tough cookie. 🙂

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