Collecting As A Hobby

With the rise of modern day technical gadgets, it is important that as parents, we continue to expose our children to other forms of entertainment and hobbies. One hobby which we can encourage them to pursue is the hobby of collection.

Collecting something can teach the children to become diligent. It also teaches different skills and can become a lifetime passion. It also gives them  an appreciation of culture and heritage.

Some collectible items which you can introduce your children to are:

Coins which includes old peso coins, dollar coins, morgan dollar or even chinese coins.

Postcards from local or international places.

Books from a particular author or a particular genre.

Special items like trading cards, posters, special magazines and others.

In our family, postcard collecting is our hobby. I have started a postcard collection when I was still single and have passed it on to my children. I see that they appreciate places even more and are more aware of geography.  I hope that as they grow up, one of them will continue to pursue this hobby.

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