Home Maintenance: Foundation Repairs

There are many reasons why it might be prudent to consider enlisting masonry contractors or other professionals for foundation repairs, particularly when living in damp regions or climates. Most homes are built on concrete foundations, and since concrete is a porous material, water will seep through the concrete over the course of time. The result of this for homeowners may be moisture in basements and crawl spaces, and the manifestations over time include water damage and respiratory-related health issues for those living there. Maintaining a foundation is as integral as any routine home improvement tasks, and the failure to do so can cause costly repercussions.

When seeking out services to provide necessary foundation waterproofing ottawa maintenance, there might be masons or contractors in the region that will offer water-proofing services to consumers. This may equate to the fabrication of a secondary floor, ceiling and walls in the basement itself, which acts as a barrier against incoming moisture that seeps in underground via the damp earth and soil. These will prevent the water from reaching the interiors of the home, and therefore, eliminate the risks of mold growth that can have harmful effects on people. This will not resolve the inevitable decline of the concrete’s integrity however, so consumers may want to ask contractors for suggestions or techniques to preserve the concrete and prevent compromise to their home’s foundation.



  1. Yes, this is one of the things that most homeowners often forget. This is an important part of a house which needs constant maintenance.

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