Homeschool Seasons

For the past 4 years, I have learned that the homeschool life comes in seasons. The season of rest and the season of disruption.

The season of rest is a time where everything you planned and prepared for comes to pass. Homeschooling during this season is easy. Then there is also a season of disruptions. This is the time when kids get sick, plans don’t work out, visitors come, home needs to be fixed,  rectangular mounds need to be installed, your lesson plans don’t get followed and curriculum doesn’t seem to fit.  It is during this season that homeschooling becomes harder.

But it is also during this season that we can grow in determination. It is during this time that we learn how to react to life’s disruptions and challenges. We should guide our children to grow in character during these times. We need to teach them how to adjust and persevere.

Every season is equally important. We need to learn life lessons on each and make the most of our homeschool life.


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