One of my frustrations is my inability to be a good¬†Landscape Designer. We used to have a bigger landscape area right outside our house but because I just don’t know how to design and take care of our garden, I had three fourths of our landscape area cemented and changed into a path. Now, we only have about one fourth of our original garden area to redesign.

But as I look around the net, I am glad to see that there are still ways left for me to redesign our garden. Here are some tips I got:

– Visualize your end result. This way you don’t waste money on something you end up not using in the end.

– The hardscapes are equally important as the plants.

– Don’t forget to create a path. You can use¬†stepping stones, gravel, crushed slag, grass, pine needles or hard-packed earth.

– Consider the sun. Make sure the plants you choose are compatible with weather conditions in your area.

– Research and talk to people who knows about gardening and landscaping since experience is the best teacher indeed.

You can undertake landscaping as a family project. Budgeting, designing, shopping and working together can build great memories for the whole family.

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