You Can Homeschool Conference

Last Saturday, I attended You Can Homeschool conference of Manila Workshops and The Learning Basket at Ortigas from 10am to 4pm. I was invited as one of the break out group facilitators.

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I was happy to see many parents so enthusiastic about homeschooling.


Three guest speakers gave inspiring and informative talks the whole morning. Thammie Sy spoke about the heart of homeschooling,  Frannie Daez spoke about the myths of homeschooling while Edric Mendoza spoke about homeschooling in the Philippines.


There were several Dep Ed accredited Home Education Providers (HEP) present like VCIS, CFA and TMA.
It was a good forum as parents were able to inquire and compare the top HEP in the country.

There were also different booths where parents can see and buy different curriculum, tutorial centers, educational games, museums and books.
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Afterwards, the parents were divided into several groups and each group had a homeschooling mom who shared about their personal homeschool journey.

It was a well spent afternoon for me as I got to share our homeschool experience with interested parents, and I was encouraged myself as I listened to the testimonies of the different homeschool graduates.

As I said to the group I handled, homeschooling  is difficult but at the end of the journey, it will be all worth it.


  1. Thanks for joining us, Chris! And I’m glad it was encouraging for you!

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