Christ is the Reason for the Season

Christmas is just 14 days away and I haven’t done my Christmas shopping yet. Anyway, I have noticed that the Christmas season seems to bring more stress to people now than the past years. Everywhere you go, the stores sell all sorts of items which could be possible Christmas gifts for your loved ones and friends. But as I take a moment to reflect, the gift giving isn’t the most important aspect of Christmas at all. It is Christ.

Most often than not, Christ is no longer the reason why people gather or exchange gifts. Christ is not even mentioned and remembered during the entire party or gathering. There is nothing wrong with all the merriment, but if Christ is not mentioned, everything is just meaningless. In our family, we are intentionally bringing back Christ into our Christmas.

I would like to share with you some ways to bring Christ back into Christmas:

Discuss the advent.  We read Bible verses together starting December 1 until December 25. We discuss, do crafts and pray together as we reflect on the meaning of the season. This year, we are using Why Christmas ebook as our devotional guide.


Discover the meaning of Christmas symbols such as the Christmas tree, why Christmas is celebrated o December 25th, gift giving, Santa Claus and other details. We used the book  The Adevnture of Christmas the past years to do this.

Do the Jesse Tree. It brings a different kind of perspective into Christmas. We saw how God has been involved in mankind’s creation to salvation and redemption through Jesus Christ. We worked on the Jesse Tree last year.

Develop a thankful attitude. Instead of talking about wish lists, make a thankfulness list and share it together as a family. We started a blessings jar at the beginning of the year and we plan to open this jar as a family come Christmas eve. There are many blessings through out the year and it is so easy to take these blessings for granted.

Christmas is all about Christ giving us the best gift which is eternal life in Christ Jesus. Let us not forget that He is the reason for this joyous season.

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