I’m Thankful For…

One of my goals this year is to cultivate thankfulness in our family. And I realized that being thankful should start with me so I decided to do my best to write what I am thankful for every Saturday. It is my prayer that through this, may you also be encouraged and be thankful as you see life’s little blessings.



– the opportunity to earn a little through my writing. God you never cease to amaze me. Your provision is always just on time.

– the growth group that I attend in. The genuiness and the fellowship of knowing that we are all learning and dying to ourselves as we seek the Lord Jesus together.

– our 13th wedding anniversary. It is only by God’s grace that we have a harmonious and loving relationship all these years.

– my favorite PBA team winning in their games.

– the Word of God which reveals my heart, guides me towards the right path and enlightens me on dark days.


  1. ceemee says:

    It’s great to list down all things we are thankful for, we can look back at them and remember God’s faithfulness whenever we feel down.

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