Rainbow Loom

A few weeks ago, my daughter received a birthday gift called Rainbow Loom. We didn’t have any clue as what sort of product and how famous this product already was! As my  daughter read the instructions and tried making beautiful bracelets out of the rubber brands, it was fun watching her use her creativity to create different accessories, for herself, her family friends.

photo (17)

If you asked me if I would recommend this as a gift, I would say it depends on the level of interest your child has. If she or he is patient enough to read and understand the instructions, then this product would be suitable for her or him. I heard that there are many more activities you can do with these, just need to watch tutorials at YouTube.

As for my daughter, she loves it!


  1. Great article, I got those looms for my kids today from Amazon and they already went to work 😉


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