UK’s Favorite Snacks

In a poll of 2,000 adults across the nation, 50% of respondents said that their favourite snack is a bacon sandwich, but then there are few finer aromas than that of bacon frying in the pan. Here we will take an in-depth look at the bacon sandwich, and explore three more of the nation’s favourite snacks. At Cotswold Fayre we think these are some of the most popular snacks.

Bacon sandwich

Some call it bacon “buttie”, some a bacon “sarnie”, but a rose by any other name is still a rose. It is by far the most popular snack across the nation, though different regions have their own particular favourite versions of it.
As an accompaniment most people in the south choose tomato ketchup, while northerners much prefer brown sauce. In terms of the bread, most people prefer sliced bread though baguettes and wholemeal bread are also popular.
While some people like their bacon fried to a tasty crisp, the majority prefer thicker cuts, fried so that the bacon remains tender. When it comes to a choice between smoked and un-smoked bacon, opinions are equally divided.
Most cuts of bacon, including back and streaky, make excellent sandwiches, but the more expensive dry cured varieties are better, and for those enjoy the more salty flavour, home cured style bacon sandwiches are the best.

Cheese on toast

Cheese on toast is the nation’s second favourite snack; however it is also the most contentious. It is said that if you ask three layers a question you will get four different opinions; and pretty much the same goes for cheese on toast aficionados should you ask them how to make one.

The find the ideal way to make cheese on toast we visited the British Cheese Board which has been researching the subject. They took a survey of the various favourite recipes across the nation and whittled them down to 120. On these they carried out a mathematical analysis and came up with a scientific formula for the very best.
We won’t bore you with the maths, but essentially you need 50 g of sliced hard cheese and 10 mm thick white bread. Place the cheese on the bread and grill at 115C for 4 minutes with the bread positioned 18 cm below the grill.

Sausage rolls

The nation’s third favourite snack is a sausage roll. In fact the sausage roll is a quintessentially British snack. It is made using sausage meat wrapped in puff pastry, but some people prefer short crust pastry. They are very easy to make, and generally homemade sausage rolls are the best, but a freshly baked sausage roll bought from a good bakery is always mouth wateringly delicious; much better than the supermarket variety. Great baked goods really.

The oldest sausage roll recipe we could find was published in 1842 by Florence White. Her filling included equal amounts of roast veal and ham, or alternatively cold fowl and tongue, seasoned with a mixture of sweet herbs, and the crust was thin puff pastry.
Cornish pasty

Close on the heels of the sausage roll the fourth favourite snack is the Cornish pasty. Unsurprisingly this is the national dish of Cornwall.

Although today there are many varieties the traditional ingredients were beef, or alternatively venison, chopped turnip, potato and onion; and salt and pepper seasoning. These are encased in short crust pastry, shaped into a D and crimped along the side. They are then baked until the pasty is golden brown and they can be served hot or cool. Alternative fillings include cheese, pork and apple, lamb, and chicken.

The D-shape was ideal for Cornish tin miners. They would hold the crust by the crimped edge which served the role of a handle and which they could discard so that they didn’t ingest the arsenic that was ever prevalent in the tin mines.

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