Ways to Keep a Child Happy and Motivated

Like adults, today’s children have a lot of stress placed upon their shoulders. Not only do children have to deal with the pressures of succeeding in the classroom, but they often must find ways to fit in with their peers. Keeping an upbeat mood is just as important as staying physically healthy. Here are a few ways to naturally improve a child’s mood. 

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Playing Outdoors
Although a lot of children enjoy playing video games and watching cartoons, nothing beats the thrill of playing outside. Playing outdoors provides several benefits to a child. When a child participates in physical activities, the body releases a mood-enhancing chemical called serotonin. This helps children to feel joyful and enthusiastic. The sunlight also helps a child’s body to produce Vitamin D.

Proper Nutrition
A child’s diet can have a direct impact on their mood. A child who eats excessive amounts of sugary foods may begin to feel groggy and lack energy. Although there is nothing wrong with an occasional piece of cake or ice cream, it is always advisable to give the child plenty of fruits and veggies. Unfortunately, children are known to be picky eaters. Animal parade vitamins actually provide all of the required nutrients for a child.

photo (19)Reading
Reading a fun, adventurous book will enable a child to let their imagination roam free. However, the key is to find books that the child will actually enjoy reading. Reading is a proven stress-reliever for children.


  1. I actually have a problem with this, playing gadgets. In fact, my eldest daughter loves to stay at home facing her PC all day long and we do argue because of this. That’s why every SATURDAY or SUNDAY after church, I make it a point that I have to bring them in a park or in a mall.

  2. It’s a must for children to have balance life from school, society and inside the family circle. As a parent, truly, have to exert more effort for whatever values, we would want them to be.

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