Microelectronics Workshop

Summer is here and there is no better time for our kids to learn something new! I have been looking around Facebook and other blogs to find interesting and affordable workshops for my kids. I saw a lot of arts and crafts, sports clinics and academic classes, but I want them to learn something new and useful. So I was really happy when I saw this Microelectronics Workshop!


I know nothing about Microelectronics and my 10 year old daughter hasn’t learned about this topic yet, so we enrolled and we’re looking forward to this new experience for her!

If you have kids who simply want to explore about microelectronics or have new hands-on knowledge about microelectronics, check out this summer workshop! They have classes for basic, intermmediate and difficult levels. The classes are geared for 8 year olds to 16 year olds. The basic levels costs only P2,500. This is wise investment since kids will learn about basic microelectronic stuff and have hands-on projects!

Registration for the basic level is until April 5 only. Non-refundable 50% is required from enrollees. Deposit registration fee is payable by bank deposot.  The workshop starts at 10am at 511 Las Fallas Condominium Ciudad de San Jose, Santa Rosa Laguna (near Enchanted Kingdom). For registration and more information, contact Joji Villanueva at (0908)8879052.  You can also check out http://www.bareengineering.blogspot.com/ for samples of work of the instructor.


  1. Microelectronics make living easier and inexpensive. You will find out more in this class how practical this can be.

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