Football with Kaya FC Academy



My son has been training with the Kaya FC Academy at Cuenca, Ayala Alabang Football field for the past 4 months now. We are there twice a week and have been happy to see him play his best almost every session. He  loves football and  aspires to be a UFL football player or even become part of the Philippines Azkals someday. So it is important that he get quality training and develop discipline at an early age – this is the main reason why we chose to enroll him in Kaya FC, even if it is quite far from us.

We also allowed him to try out for the Kaya Elite team last month. Though he didn’t make it to the Elite team, it was a great learning experience for him. I was glad to see him accept disappointment with possitivity and this made him train better with the team. He also got to play in a mini-tournament and that has been a wonderful experience for him as well.

I don’t know what the future holds for him, but I trust and pray that God has plans. If it involves football, then it is good. But if ever it doesn’t, I choose to believe that the time, money and effort we are investing in football training will not go to waste. Character training and learning the value of commitment is something he learns everyday and for that – I am grateful.

It is inspiring to see that even at a young age, one can be passionate about something and strive to do their best.



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