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Our featured mom for this week is Ms. Donna Donor. I met Donna through Manila Workshops and was excited to learn that she homeschools her only son. Let’s learn from Donna today!

Hi Donna! Can you share some information about yourself for our readers?

I am Donna and a teacher by profession, been teaching English as a Second Language to foreigners for the past 8 years. Been working from home for almost 7 years now. Currently, an Events Director at Manila Workshops.

I only have one son, he is 7 years old. I started homeschooling when he is 3.11 years old, did it independently for two years until I decided to enrol him at School of Tomorrow in 2012. This is now our third year with them.

Why did you choose to homeschool your child?

The reason for homeschooling is at first, a joke. I got the idea from my ex-husband.  He mentioned homeschooling during our normal conversations because “mag-aartista si Kib”.  Then it dawned to me, “Oo nga noh?! Showbiz kids have no normal study hours.”  So I find this reason “cute”.

When I’m already saying my intentions of homeschooling to my mom, I made it into a joke.  I said, “Magiging bayani si Kib, si Jose Rizal homeschooled yun, gusto ko magkaron sya ng monumento gaya ke Jose Rizal.” Sounds funny, isn’t it?!

I also thought ” If I can teach other kids, why can’t I teach my own son, right?!”  It’ll also be a pride on my part if my son learned the basics from me (ehem, ehem).  It’ll also build a stronger mother-child relationship as well.  I also worry about the school environment, the bullying by other kids and adults in school. I’m also lazy going out of the house, if I enrol my son in a regular school, I need to bring him to school everyday. I don’t want to entrust my son to a school service.

 I need a flexible schedule since I ran errands for my parents and having a fixed schedule to and from school will make things difficult for me especially in budgeting time.

Family situation is also a reason why I chose homeschooling.  I am separated from my husband and having an incomplete family may be a source of insecurity of my son especially when the topic in school is about family.


Are you currently enrolled in an accredited home education provider? Which one?

My son is currently enrolled at School of Tomorrow using ACE (Accelerated Christian Education) curriculum.

Is it difficult to homeschool a solo child? 

It is as challenging as homeschooling multiple kids…really need to be strict in terms of finishing tasks because he has a tendency to play in-between and jump from one lesson to another..

How long do you plan to homeschool your child?

As to how long, that I cannot answer at the moment. I will leave the decision to my son if he is already ready to study in a regular school or not. But if I were to decide, should he be enrolled in a regular school, I want him to enrol in a Science school so that he will just be focused on studying, but then again, it depends on how his future on modelling will be.

Can you share any tips on homeschooling?

Lessons learned: my bonding with my son is I can say, the best! We are always together, we learn together. The money that I saved from sending him to a regular school was used as our travel fund. I make sure that annually, my son gets to see different places around the Philippines; hopefully, I could have enough budget to spend for an international trip. I believe trips are also good learning experiences for the kids as they can really see the beauty of God’s creation with their own eyes, not just on pictures and TV.


Homeschooling has lots of challenges too. I told my son that he must finish his schoolwork before sunset, but whenever he doesn’t finish on time, I don’t let him sleep until he does, even if it takes until 1am. I don’t want him to be a slacker so I really let him finish his tasks within the day. If he doesn’t finish his work on specified time, some of his privileges are removed (no gadgets, no TV). The parent has to be really tough on this aspect so that homeschooling will be effective.

Thanks so much Donna! 

Read more from Donna from her blog http://homeschoolerkib.blogspot.com/. If you have any questions for Donna, please leave a comment and we will try our best to respond.

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