Meeting the Master

Since I was in elementary grades, I remember joining essay writing contests and contributing to the school literary journals and writing poems in high school. I also wrote for organization magazines during college years. 20 years after, I am now writing on my blog for the past 5 years. This year, I am very honored to be a writing cotributor to a devotional book entitled “Meeting the Master: Gospel Encounters with Jesus Christ”.

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I wrote a devotional about the Samartian Woman who encoutered Jesus at the well. She has made bad choices in her life and was continually looking for love at all the wrong places. She wanted someone to love her inspite of all the wrong choices she has made in the past and when she finally met Jesus, Jesus confronted her about her lifestyle and showed her where she can find lasting happiness and true love.

After her encounter with Jesus, the Samaritan Woman couldn’t help but share her joy with other people. She wasn’t ashamed to proclaim that she has met the person who knew all about her past and still chose to love her. She wasn’t hiding behind her sins, instead she wanted others to know the man who gave her freedom from her past.

As I wrote about her, I pray that God will use all the days of my life so that I can know this man who has freed me from my past and loved me faithfully even when I was unlovable. What a joy to know that this is the same Jesus who loved this Samaritan woman and died on the cross for me, and will one day meet me and I can be with Him forevermore.

Knowing Christ has been the greatest journey of my life — and I hope that you too will know this Jesus who loves you.

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