The Brinkman Adventures Review

Christian missionary stories are a rarity these days so when the Schoolhouse Review Crew introduced The Brinkman Adventures to us and gave us digital download copies of The Brinkman Adventures Season 2: Episodes 13-24 in exchange for a review, my kids and I were totally excited to listen to their stories.

Brinkman Adventures Review
The Brinkman Adventures is an audio drama of the life of a modern-day homeschooling missionary family. The Brinkmans travel to different places and meet all sorts of people. They write about their wild and crazy adventures and the wonderful people they meet along the way on their blog. The Brinkmans represent your modern day family. Having a big family, they encounter problems and their faith gets tested through the challenging circumstances they face daily. The stories actually come from real life missionaries whose names have been changed and some details are dramatized too.

We downloaded the digital copy of Season 2 through our web browser and received 13 files. There were 12 episodes and 1 bonus song included. Each episode is about 25 minutes long so you will receive around 5 hours of audio drama. We used the software VLC Media Player to listen to all 12 episodes.  The episodes included in this season are:

The Mystery Ring

Blue Hat & T-Shirt Bible

How Big Is Your God Part 1

How Big Is Your God Part 2

Mexico By Bus

Treehouse Academy

Pirates of Mayan Island

Sapphire Slaves Part 1

Sapphire Slaves Part 2

Hadi’s Choice

Castle of Secrets

On the Run

Brinkman Adventures Review
Even though it was our first time to listen to The Brinkman Adventures, it didn’t matter if we were not able to listen to the first season.  We were able to understand who the characters were and how the story unfolded. The episodes are all action packed! The actors were very lively and there were no dull moments. It was like listening to a movie!     The characters portrayed were very real. The frustrations of a mom, the conflict between siblings, the prayers that are waiting to be answered and the mischieveousness of children were part of the episodes and it made the stories real.

The episodes are for the entire family and very child friendly. We listened to 2 episodes each day and sometimes, the kids even wanted to listen to more episodes. My 10 year old daughter’s favorite episode is Blue Hat & Tshirt Bible. She said that the events were extra ordinary and were quite memorable. You can see that God was really protecting the missionaries throughout their journey.  She truly enjoyed almost all the episodes. While my 7 year old son listened along, I am not sure he understood what was happening on some of the episodes. He most liked The Mystery Ring because of the action packed episode but he kind of lost interest in the last episodes. The last few episodes had disclaminer that if you were 10 years old and below, it would be best to listen with your parents since the episodes were very intense. I personally enjoyed The Brinkman Adventure. It is not everyday where we get to listen to stories about missions so it was perfect for our family. My husband is a full time pastor but our children haven’t really been exposed much to the missions field, this was a great opportunity for us to share with them what a missionary actually does and how they live their lives. This is a good product to support as it help spreads awareness about the plight of missionaries around the world.

The first season of The Brinkman Adventures is also available through their website. It also consists of 12 episodes. First and second season are sold separately  The suggested donation price for the downloadable MP3 copies per season is $17 while the suggested donation price for the CD copies is  $25, they offer free shipping for their product.

You can follow The Brinkman Adventures Facebook page to get the latest information about them.

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