Typically Reasons People Give for Not Going to the Spa



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Although the benefits of going to a spa are well known, there are still some people who have not had the experience. Some believe they have genuine reasons for not going. Here are some of the common reasons:

Not Enough Time
The rush of a busy life may make you think you have no time for luxury activities like visiting the spa. Work, children, community obligations and children’s extracurricular activities may keep you tied up, but there is always room for a visit to the spa. It would usually require a couple of hours or less to pause for a massage. In fact massage services are offered in 15-minute increments up to two hours. If a two-hour stretch is too long for your schedule, try one or more 15-minute massages.

Is That Clean?
It is tough to know that some people still have a fear of laying on a massage table where others have placed their bodies. Because the table is reused, some people worry about sanitation issues. Massage therapy centers like Garden Retreat Spa are businesses that must be licensed and approved by their individual jurisdictions. They are inspected for cleanliness and clean practices. Before each new client climbs onto a massage table, the spa cleans the area with a germ-killing disinfectant and provides a fresh liner or paper covering. There is no need to worry so much about contamination.

Do They Have to See Me Naked?
As with every other part of massage service, the routine for preparing for massage is professional. You will be asked to remove your clothing, but there will be no one in the room watching you get undressed. The therapist leaves the room for this and asks you to either put on a robe or lie on the table with your body covered. While the massage is being given, only the part of the body that is being massaged will be uncovered.

It is Too Expensive
Cost may be an understandable reason for not getting a massage. It may eat away at the family budget or take money allocated for something that is a bigger priority. Massage is usually offered as an add-on service, though. You pay for increments of time, and you pay for extra services. Just getting the basic massage service probably will not cost much more than a hair appointment or a nail job

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