Cleaning Supplies For Commercial Space

Commercial settings need to be maintained daily in order to guarantee a safe environment for everyone. Janitors are hired to clean and maintain entire buildings that are used by thousands of individuals each day. Surely, such workers need to be equipped with plenty of different supplies to take care of various tasks throughout a large commercial building.

Traditional cleaning supplies for janitorial applications include brooms and mops. These classic tools are used to clean floors on a daily basis. Hand held brushes are also used to clear tight and narrow spots that cannot be wiped down with a cloth. The bristles of brooms, mops and brushes vary widely based on the type of application. For example, very dense and rigid bristles made from synthetic materials are ideal for cleaning rough surfaces such as bricks and stones. By contrast, soft bristles are needed to sweep floors and surfaces that are relatively smooth. 


Mops are usually made of super absorbent cotton and other materials that can soak up water and other fluid based chemical cleaning agents. A looped design is popular for standard mops used by janitors. 

The handle of a mop, broom or brush can be universal. For example, an adjustable handle can be fitted with different heads depending on the type of cleaning task. Janitorial products often include different fittings of mop, broom and brush heads. Buckets and wringers are some essential accessories that are often seen side by side with classic janitorial cleaning tools used in busy commercial settings.

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