Getting Your Kids Started Early in the Arts

Children who are allowed to express themselves and explore their creative side tend to do better in school, make more friends and have a better quality of life compared to those who are forced to live a structured life growing up. This means that parents should do their best to allow their kids to paint, draw or otherwise use their imagination as much as possible.

photo 4 (5)

(my son’s painting)

If your child is interested in the arts, you should nurture that passion as much as possible. Even if your child doesn’t become the next Picasso or write novels like Stephen King, you are allowing your children to explore their interests and find out for themselves what they are good at and what they may be interested in doing as a career after they are done with school. You can get your child started in theater by enrolling them in Standing Ovations children’s theater or any local performing arts group. 

Most importantly, you are allowing your children to have fun when they are allowed to take art classes with their friends or perform on stage for their friends and family. While they are having fun drawing or writing, they will also be learning history, verbal skills and how to solve problems as they develop their work. If children learn how to problem solve and think critically when they are younger, they will likely carry those skills over into adulthood.

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