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Our featured mom for this week is Ms. Daisy Virtudazo. I met her online when she bought some of our used books last year.

Hi Daisy! Please share more information about yourself for our readers.
I’m Daisy, a high school science teacher by profession. I started working from home in 2012 as an online ESL instructor and a Virtual Assistant for a Canadian company. I recently decided to just have one job to have more time for homeschooling.

I have 3 kids aged 6, 5 and 2. Our homeschooling journey is just a year old, we started last year for Kindergarten and Preschool when my son was 5 and daughter 4.


Our first year of homeschooling is more of after-schooling. My son was enrolled with an umbrella school in the US at the same time he was attending regular school.  I got scared and felt pressured that even though I had everything planned out, at the last minute, I ended up enrolling my son in a regular school.
I’ve learned my lesson, and this time around I’m more confident and will definitely homeschool 100%.

Why do you want to homeschool your children?

Being a former teacher myself, I know how children are taught in school and how they learn, and it’s not what I want for my children.The experience we had on our first year of homeschooling also made my conviction to homeschool stronger.

I want purposeful learning for my kids, and homeschooling gives them the freedom to pursue their interests and develop their talents.
 More importantly though, we just want our kids to be kids. I want them to enjoy their childhood as much as they can. No pressures, no deadlines.
What are method of homeschooling are you using with your children?

We are relaxed- eclectic homeschoolers. Our learning philosophy is a mixture of Charlotte Mason, literature-based, unit studies and interest -led philosophies of learning. We also use some textbooks and workbooks as guides, most of which I got second-hand or from Booksale and National Bookstore.

Since my kids are still young, I just focus on the three R’s and most of our time are spent on reading quality picture books which we also use to study about science, geography, social studies,etc. Special thanks to the folks at Learning basket for introducing me to Before Fivein a Row and Five in a Row.

I try as much as possible, to follow my children’s lead and not worry too much about what society dictates they should be learning.

Are you enrolled in a DepEd accredited homeschool provider or others? Which one?

No, we are independently homeschooling at the moment. We are enrolled with Homelife Academy in the US for grades and record keeping purposes.

Going the independent route is what works best for us, at least for now but we’re not closing our doors to the possibility of eventually enrolling with a local provider in the future.

Until when do you plan to homeschool your children?

I plan to homeschool them for their elementary years, but then it’s not set in stone. We might end up homeschooling until they reach high school or if the kids decide to try regular school, then we’ll give it a go. My husband and I evaluate and analyze our family’s current situation, and then we decide what would be best. Though we have long term goals, we’re still taking it a year at a time.

Can you share one lesson you’ve learned over the years about homeschooling?

We are a relatively new homeschooling family and we will definitely learn a lot more as we go along this journey.

In the year that we homeschooled, I (especially) learned to not go into this journey half-heartedly. Do not homeschool or do not STOP homeschooling out of FEAR.
If you decide to tread on this journey, you must be prepared 100% body,mind, and soul. This way the experience will be much enjoyable as you are focused on the goal.
We tend to worry about a lot of things. We doubt  if what we are doing is enough or too much. We tend to have a lot of “What If’s”.  While it is ok to plan and prepare, we should not let it consume us and suck the joy out of homeschooling.

Every homeschooling family is different. Never compare. Do what’s best for your family.

When it comes to curriculum materials, start with your child not the catalog. Take a moment to talk and listen to your child. You’ll soon learn what interests him, what sparks joy and inspiration. Be with your child and you’ll discover how he learns. Do this and you’ll be guided on what materials to use.

You do not need to explain your educational choice to everyone, because not everyone will understand. What’s important is to surround yourself with like-minded people who support and encourage you.
If something causes burn-out, tears or frustration save it for later, or stop using it. Remember the goal is to develop a love for learning, so if something is working against this goal, use something else.
Boredom kills creativity and inspiration in children so mix things up a bit with your lessons. Don’t the same thing every single day.
Breathe. Take breaks. And most importantly PRAY.
Thank you Daisy! Even though you only have homeschooled for a year, you have such great insights already! May God continue to bless your homeschooling journey! 
Read more from Daisy from her blog at http://www.thehomeschoolingwahm.wordpress.com. If you have any questions for Daisy, please leave a comment and we will try our best to respond.

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  1. Thanks for featuring our homeschooling journey Mommy Chris! Love your Heart and Mind of Homeschooling Mom series! Such a great source of inspiration, god bless!

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