Life Lessons from Rainbow Loom

It has been 3 months ago when I first shared that my daughter received a Rainbow Loom kit. She started making bracelets  with single chains and now she has made all sorts of stuff using Rainbow Loom bands. She just watches tutorials over YouTube and viola – after a few hours-  I would see a new creation!

Here are some of her creations over the past few months:

photo (74)

Using the Rainbow Loom, my daughter has learned several life lessons:

1. As people started ordering from her, it is a good way to start enriching her entrepreneurial skills. She needs to know the cost of materials and the labor cost then compute how much time it would take for her to create the order and commit to the orders she receives.

2. She learned that business needs commitment, creativity and perseverance..

3. She realized that in business, as long as you are enjoying what you are doing, you won’t feel tired doing it.

4. Save and invest the money you earn!
It has been a productive summer for her. I do pray that she will remember all the lessons that she has learned about life as she grows up.


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