Marriage Truths

Getting married is  one of the biggest decisions you will ever make in your life. Some get married early, while others choose to marry late and still others choose not to marry at all. Marriage has become a debatable topic these days with all the different issues surrounding it – same sex marriage, divorce and its validity.

But for those who believe in marriage, their wedding day is a much anticipated event. Months of planning and tons of money is spent on this special day. They make sure that they get the perfect venue and ambiance, invite the important guests, get the best platinum wedding bands, wear their special dresses, say their wedding vows and get the blessing of their family and friends for their new life together.


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For those of you who are planning their wedding in the very near future, I would like to remind you of these important truths about marriage:

Marriage is more than just the wedding day. Don’t overspend for this day. You need to pay your rent, buy your furniture and buy groceries after the big day.

Marriage is a life time commitment. Getting married doess not ensure a “happily ever after” ending. After the wedding, you will get to know your spouse better and make sure that you are ready to be committed to him or her regardless of what you discover.


In order for marriage to work, both spouses need to pour 100% to the relationship. It is a give and take partnership, balancing each other strengths and weaknesses.

Marriage brings a lifetime of joy but be wary that it doesn’t happen automatically. So before you make that decision, pray, seek wisdom and evaluate yourself.


  1. I don’t know if my comment went through, so here commenting again.=)

    These are great reminders for those who are planning to get married soon. My husband and I married too early, and thanks to our faith in God that we survived the trials that came.

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