Protection Against Sun Burn and Skin Cancer

In western countries, skin cancer rates are rising due to excessive exposure to the sun. Individuals with light complexions are vulnerable to getting burned by the sun’s intense radiation. The only way to protect the skin from solar radiation is to use sun screen with a specific SPF factor. The Sun Protection Factor is an international standard that is used to measure the effectiveness of sun screen. It’s important to understand the sun screen is designed to block out Ultraviolet B rays that are responsible for causing burns to the skin. 


The SPF rating provides a rough estimate of the amount of time that a user may stay under direct sun exposure without getting burned. The minimum SPF rating on the modern consumer market is 15, which is enough to provide protection against sun burn for about an hour. Some of the highest SPF ratings can reach up to 70. However, there are other factors that may reduce the effectiveness of sun screen. For example, water that gets on the skin essentially weakens the protection that’s offered by sun screen application. Similarly, sweat can also compromise some of the SPF ratings. The best broad spectrum sunscreen is designed to last for hours after a single application.

Some of the best sun screen products are designed to be somewhat waterproof to an extent. Additionally, the liquid and cream like sun screen should ideally be non sticky. People find it very annoying when sand gets stuck to their skin after applying sun screen.

Sun screen products are available in several different convenient packages. For example, there is a traditional aerosol can that sprays a gentle mist of sun screen onto the skin. Such cans should be kept out of direct sun exposure due to the risk of explosion from the build up of temperature and pressure inside. 

There are also squeeze style tubes that are loaded with creamy and rich sun screen that must be rubbed over the body. Some sun screen products are also available in a deodorant style stick that can be directly applied over the skin including the face. Lip balm is also available with an SPF rating that’s strong enough to prevent chapped and cracked lips from excessive sun exposure. Sun screen products can be purchased in bulk online at discount prices. The savings for such a sale are huge compared to buying sun screen at local stores. 

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