Packing Tips for a Great Ski Weekend

Skiing is a fun and exciting getaway that is perfect for families of all sizes. But if the proper items are not packed, you may find your fun on the slopes a bit lacking. Thankfully, the following tips can help ensure your ski getaway goes off without a hitch.

Clothing and Gear

• A few pairs of long underwear
• Multiple pairs of ski socks
• Sweaters and turtlenecks
• Face mask or neck warmer
• Ski jacket 
• Ski pants
• Ski mittens and ski gloves
• Goggles and sport sunglasses
• Ski hat that can be worn under a helmet
• Lip balm and sunscreen lotion

Along with the above clothing and gear, you will also need non-skiwear that can be worn when you’re not skiing, such as out to dinner or during activities off the slopes. While it may be fine for children to wear their ski jackets and boots no matter where you go, teens and adults will probably want a few outfits that are dressier or more relaxing. Furthermore, you may want to consider packing some swimsuits and flip-flops if the hotel or resort you will be staying in has an indoor pool or hot tub.

Ski Equipment

• Ski boots
• Snowboards and/or skis
• Ski poles
• Helmets, especially for children

If you plan on bringing your own skiing equipment, make sure to have boot and ski bags to make traveling with these bulky items a bit easier. It is not always necessary to purchase your own equipment since most places allow you to rent skiing equipment at the lodge. 

Packing Tips

If you think there is a chance you may purchase another one of the many Colorado family ski packages in the future, you should create a ski-trip packing list for you and your family. Creating a packing list can help you save hours the next time you are preparing for your vacation on the slopes. It allows you to simply pack the items without having to rethink about what paraphernalia and gear you will need next time you go skiing. These lists also give you the peace of mind that you are not forgetting anything that is essential to your trip. Also, consider packing each group of items in their own separate suitcase. For example, pack all the ski clothing and accessories in one suitcase and the non-ski clothing in another. This will make the actual packing process as well as locating items much easier.

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