Planning a Large Celebration

If you’re in charge of planning a large gathering; like a family reunion, wedding or charitable event; you want to make certain that everything is taken care of to the last detail. A big part of hassle-free planning is organization. Make a master list of requirements and break down each item on the list into smaller tasks that can be designated to others who are involved in the event. A timeline that runs up to the big day can also help you keep track of where you are during the planning process. Write down milestones with a set completion date and meet with your fellow planners at regular intervals during the process to compare notes and help each other if there are snags in the planning. The goal is to keep it simple and share the responsibility so that your event is a joint venture that everyone involved can relax and enjoy.


Cost is always a consideration. Regardless of your food and entertainment budget, saving money in areas such as purchasing paper products can free up funds that can be applied toward an upgraded menu or entertainment. When it comes to arranging for school fundraisers or charities, getting donations of goods or services is another way to get good quality in a budget-friendly manner. In many cases, barter is a great way to save money and get professional level service in kind. For example, an accountant might offer a photographer professional services in exchange for event photography. If the celebration is a personal one, designating the purchase or creation of food items or other party essentials to specific individuals is a way to share the planning burden. Friends or family members who have a knack for cooking, baking or decorating are often happy to lend their talents for a good cause or family celebration. 

Items like disposable ice cream cups can be used also be used for candies and other dessert or snack items. If you purchase them from a bulk supplier, you can get them in large amounts, in a variety of colors and at a discount price. One advantage of buying from a commercial supplier is that they can also be personalized with the name of the family or person you’re event is celebrating. In the case of school or community fundraisers, they can be imprinted with the name of the organization and decorated with their logo or colors.

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