Tips for Photographing Babies in the First Year

New parents never want to miss capturing their child’s most memorable moments. They anxiously await the first bath, the first time he smiles or the first time he is reaching for his favorite toy. Although the baby photography Markham offers new parents may miss some of these critical points in time, there are many opportunities to document a baby’s formative years.

The newborn photography Markham has established a reputation for delivering takes advantage of the best tips for a baby’s first year. First, though there will be many posed shots, it is best to try to snap shots of babies when they are not posed. In most cases, it will be difficult trying to get an infant to hold a pose. They are still trying to manage eye-hand coordination and motor skills. Much of what they do is unsteady. 


Parents who try too hard to get posed shots often miss out on the greatest moments to photograph their children. The unplanned moments, those that reveal themselves at the oddest times and show a baby’s personality already developing, are the ones that make the best photo opportunities. Sometimes shots that are too staged do not look natural.

There is often a lot of temptation to create elaborate backdrops and dress babies in fancy clothing for pictures. While this may be a wonderful way to capture milestone moments like christenings, it sometimes takes too much attention away from the baby. A great picture always keeps the baby as the center of all the action. Photography that misses this key focus misses the chance to capture something authentic.

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