6 Ways to Improve Your Lawn

A clean home can be beautiful, but it’s easy for homeowners to neglect their exteriors when maintenance isn’t a part of their daily routine. If you’re interested in creating a beautiful exterior for your home, here are six ways to improve the state of your lawn and garden.

1: Declutter Your Driveway

Are toys and basketballs lying around your driveway? Is grass growing between the cracks in the concrete? Get rid of everything that doesn’t belong there. You may also consider resealing the driveway.

2: Tidy Your Garden

In addition to removing weeds, you should also be keeping an eye out for things like soil erosion or pests trickling into your garden bed. These tiny problems can turn into big disasters if left unchecked, so nip them in the bud now.

3: Clean Your Fence

You wouldn’t let stains form on your bedroom walls. Your fence should have the same consideration. If there’s dirt, moss or algae growing on your wires, or if the paint is peeling and chipping on your wooden posts, freshening them up can transform your entire landscape.

4: Think About Pressure Washing

A good pressure wash will remove even the toughest of stains, so think about it the next time you’re despairing the state of your patio. A good cleaning company like the Renew Crew (www.renewcrewclean.com) can restore everything from decks to walkways to vinyl siding.

5: Clear Your Gutters

Your yard isn’t really clean if the gutters are overflowing with leaves. Not only are they offensive to the eye, but they can also present a serious health hazard if they’re backed up or shedding debris. Get yourself a ladder and a scraper to clear them out once and for all.

6: Apply Preservatives

If you have a wooden deck or patio, you should be concerned about wear and tear. Kids can scratch the surface; pipes and sprinklers can cause water damage; the elements can contribute to discoloration. Apply a wooden preservative to keep your finish glossy and smooth.

These are just six tips for cleaning the exterior of your home. An orderly appearance will affect everything from your property value to the way the neighbors treat you, so don’t wait until things get out of hand to roll up your sleeves and beautify your yard.

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