Furniture for Jails

Those who are in a jail might find that the corrections furniture is a little different from what you might see in the home. These items are formed to protect the inmate while providing comfort. Pieces are made of sturdy materials, and they are made for high traffic as numerous people will be sitting on the furniture and using the pieces to eat on or to keep valuables secure.

Tables come in various shapes and sizes. The seats of the table are usually attached to the legs of the table so that they can’t be used as weapons. There are usually four seats at each table. Chairs also come in various designs. Many of the chairs are placed in the holding area for those who have not been booked into the jail system. The beds are a piece of furniture that will probably get used the most. Some of the beds have attachments on them so that straps can be used on inmates who are dangerous to themselves and others. Visitation tables are also used in jails. There are tables with a solid partition as well as those that have Plexiglas so that visitors can see the inmate. Other pieces of furniture include bookcases and drawers that are placed underneath beds.

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