Heart and Mind of a Homeschooling Mom: Lea Jusi


Our featured mom for the week is Ms. Lea Jusi. She has been homeschooling her kids for 7 years now.

Hi Lea! Can you share something about yourself for our readers?

I am a homeschooling parent and blogger. My daughter is 14 years old and my son is 9. I’ve been homeschooling for 7 years now, since 2007.

Why did you choose to homeschool your child?

I started homeschooling when my daughter went to Primary 1 in Singapore (we lived there 2005-2012). I had met a homeschooling family for the first time in Singapore in 2005, when we had just moved there. I became very good friends with the mom and my daughter became playmates with her youngest son. They were a Finnish family who had moved to Singapore from the US. This very kind lady was homeschooling her 4 kids, from high school to preschool level. They were very nice, smart and friendly people, and had no issues socializing at all. I had a very good impression of homeschoolers after meeting them.

Two years later, my daughter entered Primary 1 (grade 1) in a local school in Singapore. Suddenly, her play-filled world was turned topsy turby. No more time and energy to go to the playground every afternoon because she was too tired from school. When she got home from school in the early afternoon, she would take a nap, wake up to have a snack, do her homework, rest for a few minutes, have dinner, shower then go to bed. She slept early because she had to be up by 5:30AM to get ready for school the next day. There were days when she wouldn’t even see her dad, because my husband would get home later from work and by the time my daughter gets fetched by the school bus, my husband would still be asleep.

I found that the local school was too academically stressful for a 7 year old. During their 20-minute recess, they were “encouraged” to go to the library to play math games. Couldn’t they let the kids enjoy the 20-min break to play outside with their friends?

I started looking into homeschooling and was glad to find that there were homeschooling communities in Singapore, and also several homeschoolers and providers from the Philippines. I gave it a try and never looked back.

What method are you using with your child?

We are eclectic homeschoolers, picking and choosing what we believe works for us. And we are very open to change when we think things aren’t working out for us anymore. My daughter is now a blended learner, taking Math and English classes twice a week in Bright Young Minds Learning Center in Alabang. She learns Filipino, Geography and other lessons at home. She is also very much into football, taking lessons twice a week in Alabang Football School.

I homeschool my son full time. We use Brain Quest as our spine. He is also enrolled in Minecraft Homeschool, where he builds and plays online with other homeschoolers from around the world.

Are you enrolled in a DepEd accredited homeschool provider or others? Which one?

My kids are currently enrolled with Tennessee-based HomeLife Academy.

Until when do you plan to homeschool your child?

For now, I plan to keep my daughter as a blended learner, enrolled part time in Bright Young Minds, till she finishes high school/grade 12. I also plan to keep homeschooling my son until at least grade school or middle school, and till high school if he also prefers it.

Share one lesson you’ve learned over the years about homeschooling.

Keep your focus on your relationships and your values. Don’t be slave to the busy work. Ultimately, your work is rewarded when you see your children grow up to be kind, well-mannered, joyful individuals.


My son building a buzzer using littleBits circuits.


We were watching a giant Pacific Octopus in Monterey Bay Aquarium.

Thank you Lea! It is inspiring to know that homeschooling until high school is doable! Please visit Lea’s blog at  http://learninghippiemom.com/. If you have any questions, please leave a comment and we will try our best to answer your inquiry. 

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