Personal Christening Gifts for Boys


The baptism of a child is a special ceremony meaning christening. Parents, grandparents and friends celebrate this occasion very cheerfully and solemnly. A baptism ceremony is also a nice opportunity to make a child a special christening present.

It is always a pleasure to put your soul into the gifts and then present them with love. Original and personalized christening gifts for the little ones are really valuable. Here are a few tips for special christening gifts from which you will definitely choose at least one suitable for you:

Silver-plated tooth-fairy box with engraving

A silver-plated tooth box can be a truly original gift. The tooth box is a perfect place to keep the child’s first tooth. Particularly elegant in design this gift is a great keepsake for both the child and his or her parents.

Diamonds or Swarovski crystals with engraving

A unique christening gift for a boy can be a diamond or Swarovski crystal with engraving. A diamond can be about 10cm in diameter and it can also be customized. Available in blue or white and engraved, for example, with a cute bear it will become a very original or even personalized christening gift. You can engrave the name of the godchild and there can still be some more space for a little message.

Photo frame

For lasting memories, this christening gift can be really special. For example, you can choose a silver plated photo frame with 12 openings for photo collage and additional opening in the middle for a larger portrait photo. However, a special highlight would be a personal photo frame. You can put the date of baptism or the name of the godchild on the frame to personalize it. Parents could put the photos of holding small baby’s hands or the first picture of their child so this gift can become a great reminder of the baby’s first years.

A piggy bank

A piggy bank would be a great gift especially accompanied with money. Whether for baptism or birthday, for example, a little silver plated bear piggy bank would definitely be an eye catcher. Though, you should better avoid real silver plating as the child’s parents would have to polish it constantly. Such piggy bank looking like a bear can also come with an engraving text so the gift will get its individual touch.

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