Break Homeschool Monotomy!

As a homeschooling family, I know what it is like when the kids are tired and feel the monotony of what we are doing. Here are 5 ways we break up the monotomy and get over this season in our homeschool:

Take field trips. Musuems, musicals, shows and interesting places related to our homeschool topics are considered. We allot some time and budget for these activities to spark the interest of the children and it helps them see the practical aspect of what they are learning.

Do interviews.My child doesn’t  personally do the interviews but we let her attend dialogues or talks of people who exemplify what we believe in or reference persons on specific topics that we are studying.

Enjoy nature. We take a stroll to the park, bring paper and pecil and sketch what we see. I allow them to take photos of whatever interests them and we talk about the beauty of nature . We see God’s hand at work in everything around us and appreciate the blessings we can easily take for granted.

Experiment! With common household items, we do experiments and form conclusions. Love for learning is cultivated with these hands-on experiences.

Club days. These are days that we do special activities. The children can do a puppet show, read poetry, board games, special days like “Filipino Friday”, scrapbooking days.



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