Roofing Tips

Now that rainy days are here once again, it is important to ensure that your roof doesn’t have holes and is in good condition. With the recent typhoon directly hitting our area a few months ago, some portions of our roof was damaged and had to be replaced. Particularly, the ashpalth shingles were blown away by the strong winds! It was an immediate concern as whenever rain poured, the water also poured inside our bedroom! Thankfully, the roofing guy knows  just what to do. He made sure that he used the right tools and the right water proofing so that water no longer enters our room whenever it rains.

Most companies like the  roofing company calgary recommends that there should be roof underlayment or felt on those roofs who use ashpalth shingles for added protection from rain and it also provides exta weather barrier. Make sure that the proper water proofing materials is also applied like the  Southern Roofing Water Proofing _ Roofing Company. These are important and non-negotiables whenever you have your roof checked!

Semi-annual checking of the roof is important to ensure the safety and the preparedness of our roof from heavy rains and strong winds that comes our way. It has saved us from the wrath of typhoons!

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