Bring Some Style to Your Home with New Floor Lamps


Whether you love reading, playing games with your family or just watching television, you need the right amount of lighting. Poor lighting or inadequate lighting can cause eyestrain and leave you suffering from frequent headaches. When it comes time to add some new lamps to your home, consider looking for contemporary lamps. Not only will these modern lamps give you the light that you so desperately need, but you’ll also love that the lights create an instant update.

Decorative vs. Functional

When shopping for contemporary floor lamps, you need to think about whether you want something more decorative or something more functional. Functional lamps have a nice decorative design that will bring some style to your home, but people typically use these lamps more for extra lighting than as a decoration. Decorative lamps provide a small amount of light but a large amount of style. Some of these lamps feature such a unique design that you might feel more like you added a new piece of art than a light.

Combination Lamps

Combination lamps are a great way to take care of two problems at the same time. An indoor/outdoor lamp features plastic and specially coated metal pieces that won’t warp or rust when left outside. A combination table/floor lamp is large enough for display behind a chair or couch but is small enough to set on a table. You’ll even find contemporary lamps that have a table or a bookshelf attached that gives you more storage space. Find the right lamps for you at Crescent Harbor Modern and other online retailers.

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