Homeschool Fatigue

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If you have been homeschooling for a couple of years like me, chances are you have encountered homeschool fatigue already. A week ago, I attended the Homeschool Conference and Ms. Donna Pangilinan-Simpao discussed Conquering Homeschool Fatigue and it was something I really related to. Just like a doctor, she gave a diagnosis of homeschool fatigue or burn out.

She shared the possible signs and symptoms:

-Feeling overwhelmed

– Lack of patience

– Short temper

– Feelings of failure

– Lack of enthusiasm

– Physical or mental tiredness

– Disturbed sleep

– Wanting to hide or get away

Through out the past 4 years we’ve been homeschooling, I sometimes have experienced these symptoms, though not at the same time and it usually goes away after I get myself recharged through prayer and through counsel of other experienced homeschool moms.

Knowing what causes your fatigue is important so that you can find a solution to your problem. Here are some of the possible causes as shared by Ms. Donna.

– Not having a clear vision/mission/purpose for homeschooling

-Being self-reliant

– Lack of organization

– Too many activities

– Unrealistic expectations

– Lack of discipline

– Distractions

For me, there are days that my lack of organization and discipline can lead to days that I am unmotivated with our homeschooling. I am easily distracted too so I have to watch myself.

Ms. Donna shared are many solutions, but those which resonated with me are:

Seek first the Kingdom of God. Nothing beats spending time with God.

Organization. Fixing the workplace, shelves and the tables helps me think clearly each day.

Exercise. Walking around the neigborhood before our day starts relaxes my mind.

Continue to grow as a person. Invest in books, crafts and time away from homeschooling.


I pray that each day as we homeschool, I will not forget these lessons I learned so I can be who God wants me to be.



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