5 Easy Ways to Improve and Update Your Home Décor

If you’re tired or fed up with the way your home looks, a bit of redecoration or renovation is required. More often than not this will take lots of time, effort and money to achieve.

But instead of buying new furniture, re-carpeting the floors or re-painting the walls, there are plenty of inexpensive and easy ways to improve and update your home décor.

Let there be light

You’ll be amazed at how different a room can look by adjusting the lighting. From introducing a new lamp in the living room to buying low-wattage bulbs for the bedroom, lighting has the potential to change the mood of your home. Two floor lamps in previously dark corners will make a room look much more inviting, while candles in the bathroom can help you rest and relax a lot easier.

Create a feature wall

Rather than attempting to smarten up or refurbish an entire room, why not concentrate on a single wall instead? By putting up some adorning wallpaper, a few pieces of art or the odd decal here and there, a room’s appearance and ambiance can be transformed. Easy to install wallpaper can be put up with the greatest of ease and won’t cost that much money either.

Small details make a big difference

Although you may want to buy new kitchen cupboards or fitted wardrobes, this isn’t always a viable option. However, changing the drawer pulls or door handles to something cleaner and more stylish can make existing items of furniture look much better. You can also choose from a range of materials and finishes to achieve modern or vintage looks.

Overhaul your soft furnishings

Over time, lounge and bedroom furniture like sofas, arm chairs or futons can look quite tired, worn out and dull. As well as looking rather unwelcoming, they probably won’t stand the test of time either. But by investing in some new throws and cushions, every room can be pleasing to the eye and furniture will have a prolonged lifespan.

Get your green fingers out

Introduce some plants, flowers or greenery to any room and it will come to life. Whether it is a simple cactus, which doesn’t take much maintenance, or a small herb garden that can provide you with a few kitchen condiments, the variety and choice is somewhat endless.

Just one of these changes can make the world of different: it’s as easy as that.

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