Discovering Disablites

In our modern educational atmosphere, there tends to be a focus on standardized testing. While it’s understandable for a school to have certain benchmarks in place, it’s important that we recognize that it can be counter-intuitive to expect all students to respond to tests in the same way. Every child thinks and approaches problems in a unique manner, and everyone has their own strengths and weaknesses.

Because of this, many children are left in the cracks or considered to be performing subpar when the reality is that they just haven’t been given the opportunity to thrive. Assuming that every kid is going to ingest information in the same way is a faulty assumption, though it remains quite prevalent.

Some children are also different from their peers in other ways. Developmental abnormalities can seemingly stunt a child’s progress if it isn’t acknowledged in the right way, and many children may develop self-esteem issues if they aren’t given the right support.

People like Dr. Vernon James have dedicated their lives to offering support to children with disabilities by offering both direct consultations as well as resources for parents. Raising a child with a particularly severe disability is always a challenge, and parents can use all the support they can get.

There are a variety of books and publications that can provide incite into understanding and coping with disabilities that span physical, mental and emotional issues. With the right knowledge and understanding, any child can have the opportunity to flourish and meet their potential.

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