Foam’s Newest Role in Home Improvement

Home improvement can be one of the most rewarding ways to spend your time. Between the aesthetic improvements you make to a space that help you enjoy it more, to the satisfaction of knowing you’re the one who made things better, most people would rather work on a project they’re capable of handling, rather than outsourcing it.

Unfortunately, home improvements can quickly eat through a budget, when taking into account materials and potential mistakes made on the job. In a way, it makes some home improvement projects into a risk/reward proposition. And until now, crown molding was one of the biggest risks in terms of material cost and error potential, but also one of the greatest rewards in terms of end-result.

Traditionally, molding is made from hardwoods and other solid materials, which are then carved with delicate and elegant curves and contours to adorn the room’s corners. In addition to that work, molding meets in corners, requiring precise angled cuts to make sure they fit seamlessly into the jambs of the wall and ceiling. Under and over-cutting these materials at home can scrap an entire span of molding, sending you back to the store, emptying your wallet with every mistake.

Mercifully, foam crown molding has emerged on the scene, offering some leeway in home molding projects, and a surface that can be made to look like even the fanciest materials. When made with open-cell foam, molding doesn’t need to be absolutely perfect – corner cuts that are slightly off or jagged will compress against the other piece of foam, masking any flaws. It is also a more affordable material, so if a fatal mistake is made on a span, replacing it isn’t nearly the cost of traditional materials. Ultimately, foam crown molding has revolutionized the home improvement world, giving more people a shot at having the home of their dreams.

Article submitted by The Foam Factory, an online retailer of custom foam products, from custom seating or office comfort items, to things like jewelry holder products to make your business run more smoothly.


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