How to Decorate with the Fleur De Lis


When many people think of the fleur de lis, they think of New Orleans. While it is the symbol of the city’s professional football team, it’s also the city symbol of Louisville, Kentucky. Originally found in parts of France, it’s now a popular symbol found all across the United States. Show your French heritage, or just use a few pieces to create a more traditional design in your home.

Throw a Dinner Party

With some fun fleur de lis accessories, you’ll love throwing your next dinner party. Serving dishes let you pass out appetizers and serve main dishes, and you can use a baking dish with the design on the front and sides to serve brownies, cakes or your favorite dessert. You’ll also find some pieces that you’ll love seeing in your kitchen every day of the year, including canisters, serving utensils, napkin holders, paper towel dispensers and plates and bowls.

Head to the Bathroom

If you’re like most people, your bathroom could probably do with a renovation. When you can’t afford to spend thousands on a new tub, spend less on some new accessories. A towel rack with the fleur de lis on it lets you hang your towels in style, and you’ll find over the door racks for your bathrobe. Other popular choices for the bathroom include shower hooks, tissue box covers and wall stickers that attach right to any clean wall. At, you can find everything you need with the fleur de lis on it for every room in your home.

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