Three Items that Can Greatly Impact Your Child’s Perfect Christening Day

Parents often spend a tremendous amount of time and energy selecting the perfect christening ensemble for their child. From designer gowns to sophisticated three-piece suits, parents ensure that every detail of these outfits are in pristine condition for a look they can feel proud to show their child off on during their christening day events. Unfortunately, are three major accessories which are commonly overlooked and can play a vital part in gaining the results every parent is trying to achieve.

1. Booties – Christening booties can provide a completed look for your child’s christening day attire. You will find girls christening shoes often featuring a crystallized design, to lend an elegant and polished look to your child’s special day. Booties for boys offer embroidered embellishments such as crosses and hand-stitched seams that every parent can dress their child in with pride. Having a silk outer shell with ties, these booties are comfortable for all of your christening day events.

2. Bibs – It is becoming more common that christening outfits are turning into treasured heirlooms for many generations to come. Should this be your child’s wish later on in life, it is important to protect their christening day gown, suit, or romper from those stains that can easily occur on their special day. Christening bibs are ideal for this purpose. However, with the embroidered cross designs, silk ties, and hand-stitched edging you will find that these christening bibs compliment any ensemble that you choose for your child’s christening day. For parents that are concerned over the tie style bibs, there are bibs which easily slide over your child’s head for easy dressing and removal.

3. Christening Towels – To bring you back to that special moment during your child’s christening, christening towels are ideal. These towels, which are commonly used to dry a child’s head during the service, symbolize that exact moment in which your child was first introduced to the Lord. Elegantly embroidered with cross designs, you will be pleased to add christening towels to your child’s overall keepsake collection for their christening day. Christening towels are available in blue for boys and pink for girls making the selection process quite simple at a time when every detail must be perfect.

Your child’s christening day only comes along once in a lifetime. While your child may be too young to recall their special day, they are sure to share stories and photographs with friends and loved ones about this event throughout the coming years. Knowing that you have ensured every detail is as perfect as can be for the ideal christening day for your child will last in their minds and hearts forever. For a full list of christening day needs visit Lily’s Attic at You will find everything that you need to ensure that your child’s day is filled with blessings and your heart is full of pride in this special milestone in your child’s life.

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