Keep Your Pet Looking Spiffy

A high percentage of households are a home to pets these days, but many owners do not have the time required to groom them adequately even though they are highly valued for their companionship. This means the pet is not only shedding lots of hair, but their skin and haircoat may not be as healthy as desired. Grooming removes excess hair and stimulates the hair follicle to produce oil to hydrate the hair and skin, and grooming may also reveal parasites that need to be removed.

Charlie, our toy poodle

Pet grooming may not fit into the busy schedule of the average person, so taking the pet to a professional groomer is well worth the extra expense. A session with the groomer will not only involve a thorough bath after a high percentage of shedding hair as been removed, but some breeds also need to be clipped. Clipping around the eyes, ears and face requires skill and knowledge that the average pet owners does not possess. The professional pet groomer will also clip the nails if the owner is not able to accomplish this task that can be challenging with some dogs.

Some dogs or cats will not appreciate their first trip to the groomer, but after a few sessions they will look forward to the pet equivalent of the beauty salon or barber their owner regularly visits.

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