Three Play Items for an Imaginative Child

Many parents know that it is important to encourage their child’s imagination. Children who have parents that nurtured their creativity usually grow up to be successful adults. With these three play items, you can boost your child’s imagination and see magic happen right before your eyes.

Elf Doors

A miniature door has a special quality about it. Your child will see numerous possibilities when he plays with an elf door. This tiny door instantly turns into magical world where elves pass from their world to his, especially when paired with a dramatic background piece and other accessories. An elf door will elevate your child’s imagination to places he has never been.


Fairy Doors

Elves are not the only creatures who live behind tiny doors. For a girl who wants something similar to an elf door, a fairy door is a great choice. A little girl who practically lives in a land of make-believe will be able to visit brand new places with a fairy door of her very own.



A roombox is not just a showcase. The intricate details added to a roombox will spur your child’s creativity. The care that goes into building a roombox brings a bit of authenticity to playtime. Girls and boys alike will become engrossed in forming an imaginary world when food and furniture is added to the mix.

You cannot put a price on the value of an imaginative mind. As a child reaches adulthood, he typically becomes busy with day-to-day responsibilities, and his imagination is left to the wayside. Take every chance you have to nurture your child’s imagination while he is still young. Opening Fairy Doors is best known as a fairy door store however they also make many elf doors, accessories, roomboxes, food and furniture for children who have extraordinary imaginations. Take a look at these products at

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