3 Projects for Non-Artsy Students

My grade 2 son is not the type who creates drawings and artworks in a flash. He doesn’t like too much worksheet or paperwork. So when it is time to put together his portfolio for the quarter, he has a number of handwritten projects but most of the other projects are not.

Sharing with you 3 of his recent projects that he absolutely enjoyed doing.

Reports. He has  created a timeline of events. Then he reports on the important happenings in the World as he has learned from Mystery of History. This gives him the opportunity to develop his communication skills as well.


Shows. He loves putting on shows. Whether he uses a popcicle stick, his fingers, stuff toys or other possible items, he creates his own script whether in English or Filipino then performs a show complete with vocalization.



Game boards. He created his very own game board in Math and in Science. We’ve been playing game boards and he enjoys them. This allowed him to create his own rules and incorporate his learnings on ¬†Math and Science trivia into his own creations.

IMG_2367 IMG_2366

Do you have other project suggestions for my non-artsy student?


  1. Wow, those are really great suggestions! I’m sure my 3rd grader will love doing the timeline of history. He’s into dates nowadays (though mostly about when Godzilla or Marvel movies were created, hehe)

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