Cordless Blinds and Other Measures Will Keep Your Home Stylish and Safe for Your Toddler

For a long time, you took great pride in maintaining a stylish home or apartment. The pillows on your couch perfectly offset the color and texture of this sitting area. Your wall accessories reflected a modern perspective. Your coffee table was a rectangle with sharp corners and metal insets. Your floors are stone tile with textures that reflect the light in interesting ways.

Now you are pregnant and realize that your interior in its current state is not child friendly. There are all kinds of ways that your toddler can injure him/herself, and that concerns you. On the other hand, you want to maintain your stylish interior, remaining quite reluctant to turn it into a gathering place for pacifiers, baby toys and stuffed animals. Is it possible to baby-proof your home, while maintaining its fashionable appearance? It turns out that, for the most part, you can keep your home looking attractive and keep your toddler safe.

The first issue to address in maintaining safety for your little one is to install covers for your wall sockets. Often, new parents buy cloudy, plastic pieces that plug into the outlet. Though small, they look cheap and unattractive. Instead, you can install a face plate that looks quite similar to your current plate, but it requires you to slide the outlet cover to the side so you can plug in. This product is child resistant and unobtrusive in addition to the fact that you do not have to remove protectors each time you want to plug in an electric cord.

The second issue to address is window treatments. As a parentless couple you and your partner installed some very cool blinds on your windows. Your visitors always commented on how great the blinds looked in combination with the rest of your décor. You want to keep your cool blinds, but you also know that they can be hazardous to toddlers and young children who can get tangled in the cords while playing. The solution is to retrofit or buy new blinds with a cordless option. Some cordless blinds come with a wand providing remote control, while others simply require a tug on the bottom railing of the blinds to activate movement. Either way, your children and those of visitors will be protected from hazardous pull cords. Best of all, you can continue to cover your windows with stylish blinds.


A third area that is important to address is the sharp corners on your coffee table and other furniture. As a grown adult, it is easy to forget that these corners are the height of a toddler’s head. If your child is just learning to walk and she falls against a sharp corner, you may have to take her to the hospital. So how do you avoid having to fasten cushiony guards around the corners and sharp edges and ruining the appearance of that cool coffee table? Unfortunately, you cannot do it. Instead, put the table in storage and, in its place, set some large, poufy cushions that are color coordinated with the room. Your toddler can fall against them without injury. You can sit on them or put your feet up on them, but you will have to be very careful if you decide to set your coffee on these cushions.

A final issue within this topic is how to keep your couch and other sitting furniture clean, especially if they are light in color. One answer is to cover the seat of the couch with a washable throw or covering. You can find a stylish fabric that will absorb baby body fluids and food and have it made into a fitted cover for the couch cushions or tailored to look stylish. If your baby has accidents on the couch, simply remove the cover and wash it.

Having a baby is a joyous part of life that should be celebrated, but it does not have to mean the end to your stylish interior.

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