6 Ways to Jazz Up Your Teen’s Bedroom

As your children get older, it’s only natural that they want to redecorate their bedrooms in their own image. But what if they’re having a little trouble deciding what that image should be? Here are just six suggestions you can offer as an interior designer.

1. Fresh Paint

You’ll be amazed at the changes that a simple coat of paint can bring. For example, if their room is currently done in light or neutral colors, shake things up with something bold like an electric blue or a dazzling yellow. It will transform the entire atmosphere of the room!

2. Vanity Tables

Vanity tables will bring flair to any girl’s bedroom. Add lights and additional mirrors for a “Hollywood glam” look, or have one custom-built with jewelry drawers and scarf hooks for all her favorite accessories. Hidden compartments will also make younger teens feel quite grown-up.

3. New Bedspreads

If you’re looking for an easy and inexpensive way to add personality to your teen’s bedroom, look no further than king or queen bedding sets. Not only will they encourage your child to make their bed more often, but they’ll also be a definite improvement over Spiderman sheets!

4. Revamped Closet

Most people don’t give any thought to their closets, but a few changes here and there can really make a difference to teens painstakingly choosing their school clothes every day. Think about relighting, reorganizing or refurbishing the entire space.

5. Seating Arrangements

Does your teen have a lot of sleepovers or study groups? Where do their guests typically sit? You can turn their room into a great place to hang out when you add couches, chairs, benches or even just plush floor cushions for everyone chilling with your teen.

6. New Desk

Last but certainly not least, if your teen doesn’t already have a great desk for doing their homework, it’s time to give them the tools they need to succeed. Don’t cut corners with something cheap; go ahead and invest in a sturdy, stylish desk that will be their support as they struggle to finish their essays on time.

If your teenager is complaining of a dull, boring bedroom, these are just six ways to liven the place up. Not only will it make them more comfortable in their personal space, but redecorating can also be a great bonding experience between the two of you!

Image source from nokhoog_buchachon of www.freedigitalphotos.net

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