Looking Back and Looking Forward

After 2 weeks of Christmas break, we have already started with our official homeschooling activities once again. The kids and I were looking forward to going back to our usual routine and to see what we were going to learn this new year. But before going back to our usual routine, we started the year with our goal setting activities. We listed down what we were grateful for in 2014 and what we looked forward to in the new year.


Looking back at 2014, I listed down the following as what I really liked…

> earlier start of my day

> consistency with schedule

> decluttering days

> blessings jar

> family trips

> reading classics


Looking forward to 2015, I listed down what I’d like to improve on…

* consistent Bible reading and prayer time

* take trips to other provinces

*give to others through World Vision

*better preparation of lessons

* watch more shows

* embark on home improvement projects

*  read more books

* have family devotions


It has been a week since 2015 has started, and I am grateful that God has allowed me to revamp my schedule and help me attain my goals, one at a time.


  1. Hi! Thanks for sharing, Ms. Chris. How does the blessings jar work? If you don’t mind. 🙂

  2. Thank you. I read that post. It’s a big help, and I want this too to be our new family tradition. Worth keeping! Thanks again!

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